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Read the latest updates from Rachael Halliwell, a playwright, performer and vintage lass. Her mission is to amplify Northern Voices, Female led narrative and drama that is framed through a female gaze. Currently, Rachael is an Associate Artist with Harrogate Theatre and Elysium Theatre

Full Cast Annoucement for Connection

We are delighted that Cathy Breeze and Emma Leah Golding will be joining Andy Turner and Rachael Halliwell to complete the cast for Connection. Cannot wait to start rehearsals.

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Workin’ Womxn Project with Leo Clicks

Working Womxn is an inclusive project designed to redefine social impact through celebrating the amazing work that womxn do in the creative industry. It aims to recognize and empower womxn through exploring different aspects of their work, and how they contribute to the fabric of society. I was delighted to get involved and meet Leo.

Connection is go!

My new play Connection is GO! We will be performing at Harrogate Theatre Studio on 1st-4th October. Arts council application is in but we need match funding.

There are 3 ways you can support the show:

1. Book tickets! We would love to see you there:

2. Come along to our fundraising evening at Harrogate Theatre on Wed 19th June at 7.45. Tickets are £10 on the door. There will be music, extracts from the play and my shows- Deirdre & Me and Project Juno

3. You can support us and donate to our crowdfunder. Whatever you can afford would be massively appreciated. 10% of the funds raise via go fund me will be donated to Harrogate District Hospital to help support people in crisis:

4. Share this post and tell all your pals

Check out our trailer and support us film:



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Audience Feedback for my Shows

Project Juno 

‘Having a keen interest in astronomy and space exploration I found myself embarrassed that I didn’t know the story of Helen Sharman who was the first Briton in space. Rachael Halliwell brought the compelling story of this woman to life in her one woman show at the Arts Theatre. Rachael’s performance was so authentic. I really felt I was living this story through Helen Sharman’s eyes. My take away was to come out feeling inspired and more motivated to take a chance on those dreams that I thought were unattainable.’ 

Laura Campbell (after seeing the show at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End.’)

‘Project Juno- what an epic treat! Travelling through Sheffield to Space. A real adventure and a must see.’

Lee Williams (after seeing the show at Harrogate Theatre)

Deirdre & Me

At first glance Deirdre is a light comedy following the obsession of Susan White with Deirdre Barlow but with a hint of bullying and Susans naivety and ability to navigate the outside world. It tells a darker more upsetting tale of loneliness. Rachael Halliwell’s insightful writing and emotive performance takes the audience on a journey of tears,laughter and guilt. A magnificent piece of work.’

Rebecca Milner (after seeing the show at Harrogate Theatre)

‘Deirdre and me was such a spectacular piece to witness. Seeing the emotions, the sense of isolation and humanity in what is so often considered the vacuum of television and shining a light in the hidden parts of our society; the isolation that many experience. It was also wonderful to see a piece created by a woman expressing a female character that wasn’t about objectifying her but to connect to her inner experience.’

Sakina Ballard (after seeing the show at C Nova -Edinburgh Fringe)


Room 253 

‘As a fan of thrillers and originally from Harrogate, I was excited to see that there was a play about Agatha Christie’s famous disappearance to the town. It was presented as a radio play with the actors in full costume and reading their lines into an old microphone. There was even someone on stage doing all the sound effects. We really enjoyed it. ‘

Peter Telford (after seeing the show at Harrogate Theatre)



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