• Wuthering Heights

    Rachael has been commissioned to adapt Wuthering Heights for the stage- 2019- 2020

    Elysium Theatre Company
  • Studio Shorts

    Three short plays - The Undertow, 286 and resistance

    Harrogate Theatre
  • Happenstance

    Above the Arts Theatre, London

    Foot in the Door / Paperback Pictures
  • Project Juno

    Developed with Harrogate Theatre, Premiered in the West End
    Arts Theatre, London; Harrogate Theatre
  • Deirdre & Me

    National tour, Edinburgh Fringe, 2017

    SJC Productions
Project Juno Still

Studio Shorts

Project Juno

Project Juno

Rachael Halliwell as Susan White in Deirdre & Me

Deirdre & Me