‘Deirdre and Me marks Halliwell as a talented character actress to watch out for. There are hints in Susan of an extreme version of the kind of dowdy middle-aged women played to great acclaim by Victoria Wood, with outward funniness as a sharp counterpoint to submerged sadness’

The Scotsman


‘This is Rachael Halliwell’s first play as a writer and it is an assured debut.

Anyone who wants to be reminded of Deirdre’s chequered history over the many years of her TV performances will enjoy this play, and perhaps be warned in no uncertain terms about the dangers that might arise were enthusiasm ever to slip into obsession.’

Fringe Report


‘Deirdre & Me is Rachael Halliwell’s first play; it is a considerable achievement and clear why producers Language Laid Bare are taking on the piece for further development. It is touching and funny and Halliwell writes succinctly revealing much about Susan through her commentary on the events in The Street: Blanche’s death is nothing less than “a pivotal moment in history”. Equally there are dark moments and muted unease as Susan, oblivious to the irony, asks “Who in their right mind would want to watch EastEnders?” as she herself is tipping over the edge.’

British Theatre Guide

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