‘​Every aspect of this play was executed to the highest order’     Leeds Living

‘​The talent we have in this part of the world is amazing and should be  encouraged and supported as much as is possible. Connection is a prime  example of this.’     Leeds Living     

‘Halliwell’s writing is at its best when it lands humour in unexpected places –  there are some cracking one liners and some great comic timing nestled within  this piece.’     Always Time for Theatre   

‘Connection is as funny as it is sad, as touching as it is gritty and as dark as it is  bright and cheerful. Part drama, part comedy, Connection is an emotional story  but one that knows how to make you laugh out loud with a well placed slice of  humour and that is the real beauty of the play. 
As for the characters, their stories feel all too real as they play out in front of  you. The four characters come across as genuine and somewhat familiar as  their stories see them revealing some dark, tragic experiences’  
Total Ntertainment.com 

‘Written by as well as starring Rachael Halliwell this is a great story looking at  how mental health and dementia can affect those around you in ways you may  not realise, it looks at the real impact it can have on people’s lives. It addresses  hard hitting issues and you may find yourself reaching for the tissues  empathising with the characters.’  

Fairypowered Productions 

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